Monday, June 8, 2009

Extreme-ly Happy Ending

Last night the WWE held the ppv formerly known as One Night Stand, Extreme Rules. The show as a whole was enjoyable, but the one thing that stood out for me was Tommy Dreamer becomming the ECW Champion.

The deal was that Tommy's contract was up and if he didn't win the ECW title, he was finished as a wrestler. And in storybook fashion he was able to capture the gold by defeating Jack Swagger and Christian.

This is a guy that the everyman can identify with, he's nothing flashy as far as ring work is concerned and heck he hardly ever wins a match. Thing is I'm a fan. I've watched him throughout his career from ECW all the way up to the WWE.

And the one thing that truly seperates him from from is peers, he's not selfish. Tommy Dreamer always put the business ahead of himself. He went out there and put people over and made them look good. And he is still a crowd favorite.

If this is Tommy's last hurrah, then I'm glad he got a shot at being a champion one last time. And from the emotional look on his face I think he appreciates the honor as much as we appreciate the man himself.

Thanks Tommy!

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