Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pulling the Trump card

Last Week Vicki Guerrero (The widow of the Late, Great Eddie Guererro) quit her post as the General Manager of Raw. In real life Vicki claimed she wanted to go home to spend more time with her family. Personally I think it's ridiculous seeing as she works one day a week, but whatever.

While certainly not the most attractive woman, she proved to be a great heel generating tremendous heat. In that aspect she will be missed.

The WWE website promoted a new GM of Raw to be named this past Monday night. Many speculated that it would be Ric Flair, especially since the show hailed from Natch's hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well last night Vince appeared on Camera and said he wouldn't be naming a new GM, but rather he would be naming a new owner of the RAW brand. And in shocking fashion Donald Trump was named as new owner. I don't think the smartest of the marks could have seen that one coming.

The Donald is no stranger to the WWE. Trump plaza played host to Wrestlemania's 4 and 5 and at Wrestlemania 23, Trump was in the Corner of Bobby Lashley when he took on Umaga (who had Vince in his corner.) I've also seen Trump in the crowds watching the shows at MSG, so I gather that he is a fan.

So how did this all come to pass? My guess is that it was suggested by the Network as a way to boost ratings. USA Network and NBC fall under the same parent company and The Apprentice is a pretty big hit on NBC. So this stunt will most likely gain attention in the media, which works out well for both McMahon and Trump. Perhaps the WWE will have some kind of involvement on the next season of Celebrity Jeopardy for extra cross promotion.

But the bottom line to me is how much is Trump really going to add to the show to a weekly basis? His "promos" are horrible and his act is tired. I wonder how quickly he is "bought out". But this is something of a new twist to the show, so I will watch with interest and see what develops.

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