Monday, June 22, 2009

WWE axes 2 more.

By Joe Milone

It’s the time of the year where we see the WWE clean house and the two latest releases really come as no surprise. The two wrestlers in question are diva Candice Michelle and Sim Snuka.

Let’s start with the train wreck known as Candice Michelle. She tried out for the Divas search in 2004 but failed to make the top ten, however she was hired anyhow and began life in the WWE as a “make-up” artist. Shortly after she started competing in the ring and I’ll admit she showed some promise.

It also didn’t hurt that she became the girl and was featured in an ad at the Super Bowl. The ad was controversial and as we know Vince loves controversy. She also posed for Playboy which was eye pleasing as well.

She tried very hard in the ring and you could tell she was learning her craft well. She even captured the woman’s championship which was quite a big step. Then in horrific fashion she fell off the top rope on an episode of Raw, breaking her collar bone. She was out of action for about 3 months and when she returned to the ring, it wasn’t long before she reinjured her collar bone and was out of action again.

All the injuries did nothing to help her in the ring. You could tell that she wasn’t all that comfortable out there, gingerly moving about and looking generally horrible. The matches were so bad, they had to edit some of the taped performances to make her look better, and they were still noticeably bad. Shortly after returning, she was reinjured.

During this period it was reported that she was partying around Los Angeles, rather then rehabbing. This was not such a smart move and had to incur the wrath of Vince. Although she was moved to Smackdown during the recent draft, she never appeared on camera. This past Friday, in a move that should surprise no one, she was released. I’m personally glad that the plug was finally pulled on this experiment.

The second release should really come as a shock to no one that follows the WWE. Jimmy Reiher, Jr aka Domino aka Sim Snuka finally got the axe dropped. First debuting in 2007 on Smackdown with his partner Domino, he captured the tag titles once and shortly after the loss, Deuce and Domino got split up. Deuce was drafted to Raw and Domino was released shortly after the split.

Initially after the draft Deuce was no where to be seen, but a few months later he started to appear again. Then he announced that he would like to be known by his “real” name Sim Snuka. In real life Reiher is the step son of Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

So now it appeared that he was heading somewhere and he was recruited to be part of Randy Orton’s Legacy group. But after two weeks he was cut from the group and not seen on tv again.

At this point I figured we would see the famous “We wish you well in your future endeavors” message on the WWE website, but it didn’t happen. He was unseen for months. Sim would resurface during the Wrestlemania Fan Access shows, brutally injuring Dolph Ziggler. And if that wasn’t enough, Sim appeared as the camera man who caught the Undertaker after a suicide dive out of the ring during his match at mania.

Of course by caught, I mean he let the Undertaker drop to the floor almost injuring the phenom permanently. I’m positive that the Undertaker wanted to kill this guy after the match, and the Taker is one guy you don’t want to make mad.

Some more cuts came and it was only a matter of time before Jimmy Snuka jr got the boot. Well more then two months went by and still nothing. Would Sim sneak by? Finally the day came and Sim was axed, probably a year or more past his expiration date.

With these two gone, the Jesse’s and Jimmy Wang Yangs of the WWE could sleep a little easier at night, at least for now.

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