Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RIP Transformers Animated

After the end of Transformers: Cybertron, which had many things lost in translation due to it being a dub of a Japanese Anime, fans were left waiting for a new Cartoon featuring their favorite Autobots and Decepticons.

Prior to the live action movie hitting the big screens in 2007 sone sketches were leaked featuring some very different takes on the famous property. Many, including myself weren't sure what to make of them. They were quite different from the designs that we were used to in the past but I'm open minded and was willing to give it a chance.

Soon more news leaked out about the series. It would be written in the US and the voice actors would be performing in the same room together, a throw back to the old voice recording sessions. Which makes a huge difference because the actors are able to interact rather then simply dubbing over the voices. You could liken it to the old radio programs I guess. This all seemed to make the show intriguing.

The first three episodes aired in December 2007 as a mini movie and was met with mixed reactions by the fandom. Some questioned the style of the show, which was similar to the Teen Titans animated show. Others praised it for it's uniqueness and it's storyline.

The show itself featured a great story with great voice acting. It was a new continuty but drew inspiration from all of the series that came before it. Many easter eggs were given for the long time fans of the franchise, while making ise;f enjoyable to new fans as well. Over the course of 39 episodes, the show became very solid and it is, at least in my opinion the best show of the franchise, right behind the original series.

Adding to it were the figures, which resembled their animated counterparts almost to the "T". Another first for the franchise, which had never happened in the past.

Sadly at Botcon 2009 (The annual Transformers convention for those who don't know) it was announced that the show has been canceled in it's current form. Hopefully they decide to revisit the show someday, perhaps in the form of a DTV release. But for now we'll have the DVD's and toys to look back on this great show. Hopefully the next TF series can live up to this one, but Animated set the bar quit high.

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  1. Despite the excessively unusual aesthetic style and vapid human villains, Animated is, at its Spark, a true Transformers cartoon. Beyond the kiddiness is all the respect and love the franchise deserves, with so many references, in-jokes and cameos that your cerebral assembly will rotate more than 360 degrees repeatedly.

    Like Beast Wars, Animated seemed like a departure from the established Transformers universe, but its 3 season without a doubt place it in the 'God Tier' of Transformers animation, right up there with the Beast Wars.

    It will be missed.